Letter to the Editor: Hoose encourages voters

To the Editor,
Hi folks, starting with the positive: Again, TIGER PRIDE is open again.  And, most Friday’s are buffet days!!!  I lot more people were there last Wed. and that is wonderful.  And, Horticulture is sell flowers too, they will be doing so for a couple of weeks.  So it is a two for opportunity.  Next, I have been reading regularly about some of the fantastic things that our schools are doing.  In tech, in athletics, and in inter school STEM.  Thus then back to one of my standards, and with elections coming up; we need to fund our schools in 21 st century education.  There are so many new jobs opening in Science/Technology.  That if we don’t, we do not only prep our youth for it, but we do not make Westfield attractive to 21 st century companies seeking 21 st century skilled workers.  And, as with our airplane program; imagine graduating from high school and getting a $60,000 job, and NO college debt!!!!
TUESDAY IS ELECTION DAY…  Here is your chance to be a responsible American.  Before you vote do yourself a favor and really check out the candidates.  Some are getting funded from outside political, and other sources.  Know what you are doing, make the effort to be a real American.  Once this election is over we have to talk!  Brian…VOTE!  Your former Ward 3 City Councilor, Brian Hoose, [email protected]
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