Monday Musings: 10 Things (I Think) I Know

1. Just wondering if Doug LaMont, of Longmeadow can pull off the hat trick, a rare feat in our Beat The Putz pro football challenge. LaMont, who finished first in Weeks 1 and 3 out of hundreds of contestants, entered Week 5 seeking his third victory through just five weeks.

2. How many more COVID cases will it take to shut down the entire National Football League in 2020?

3. In a weird way, the NFL finally has its wish. With coronavirus outbreaks forcing the postponement of Sunday football games to Monday and Tuesday nights, I’m starting to wonder if pro football will be on TV every night of the week this season.

4. One statistic I still can’t shake – – only 10 percent of people in our country have been exposed to the coronavirus.

5. This past spring, the coronavirus stripped Western Massachusetts championship titles from several local high school athletes and teams before they ever had a chance to get on the field. Although (at press time) several very talented local student-athletes and their teams are participating in a COVID-shortened fall season, they will likely wonder what could have been. Still, every regular season game takes on greater importance and meaning as the leaves continue to turn.

6. Will there ever be a fall TV season?

7. Tenet may well become the longest running movie of the modern era. With production shut down or delayed and others in limbo and release dates pushed to 2021, it appears that Christopher Nolan’s film may be the only treat we get for the big screen before Halloween and quite possibly the rest of the year.

8. The hype will likely reach epic proportions for The Matrix 4 several months before its scheduled April 1, 2022 release date. Fans of Keanu Reeves will get the chance though to see him in action in the upcoming Playstation 4 game, Cyberpunk 2077.

9. Assuming moviegoers do return to theaters over the next year, one movie in 2021 that is sure to receive a lot of buzz – – Avatar 2. The first Avatar movie, directed by James Cameron and released more than a decade ago, was a spectacle unmatched by very few since it was released in December 2009.

10. Is it just me or do the presidential debates make shows like the Kardashians and Jersey Shore seem quite normal?

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