New AP science course to be offered

SOUTHWICK – Students at the Southwick Regional School could soon have more options when it comes to AP science.
Tracy Hartshorn, an environmental science teacher at the high school, presented a proposal to the regional school committee last night to add an AP environmental science class.
“What I’m seeing is a want – that could turn into a need – for a higher level environmental science class,” said Hartshorn.
Currently, AP science offerings include chemistry and biology. Hartshorn said she met with Guidance Counselor Marcy Coviello who said PSAT scores indicate “we would have plenty of kids who could take this course,” said Hartshorn.
“If it was offered this year, there are potentially 17 students who could take the course,” she said. “There’s enough interest and they have the scores to do it.”
PSAT scores are in indicator of who would do well in AP courses.
Superintendent John Barry asked if adding the class would detract from the current offerings.
“I could see that happening,” Hartshorn said, adding that the AP science courses could be one semester classes.
Hartshorn said her one concern with making them one semester would be testing.
“The only ripple in this is the AP test is in the spring and if I teach the course in the fall, I would have to bring them back for a review,” said Hartshorn.
Barry suggested she could offer an afternoon test prep refresher. He also said he supported the proposal.
“I think if we could bring more options to the program, that’s good,” said Barry.

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