New farmer’s market having early success

GRANVILLE – The Granville Farmer’s Market, new this year and happening every other Sunday from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m., is set to host the fourth market on June 25. 

Jessica Ripley and Nicole Berndt, who are both Granville residents and are co-organizing the farmer’s market, have been pleased with the first three events, despite the mediocre weather.

“People have been really excited to come here,” said Ripley.

At the start there were about 11 vendors but that number has increased to 14 and since peak season for farmer’s markets is July and August, the hope is to have 20 vendors by that point.

The Granville Farmer’s Market will resume on June 25. (Photo courtesy of Danny Nason)

Ripley and Berndt have brought in a wide variety of options for customers. From jewelry, pottery and goat milk soap, to Italian and Albanian food. The two women running the community-based function said that they are actively trying to get more produce vendors.

So far, a majority of the vendors and clients have been people outside the local area and the plan is to change that.

“It’s been difficult to convince people that actually live closer,” said Berndt. “I’m hoping that more local people are watching and they’re pleasantly surprised that it’s going well.”

The Gran-Val Scoop is hosting the market until Sept. 24.and the partnership between the two organizations has been productive thus far.

“It definitely goes both ways,” said Berndt. “There are a lot of people that get ice cream and didn’t know about the market.”

The next farmer’s market on June 25 will have live music that will return each time through the rest of the season.

Ripley and Berndt also added that no one has to attend the event with a full stomach, as there is prepared food available for people to eat.

For more information on the Granville Farmer’s Market, visit their Facebook page.

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