New hill-town farmers market kicks off in May

GRANVILLE – Residents of Granville and the surrounding areas will now have a farmers market to call their own this season. The Granville Farmers Market will officially kick off on May 14, which is Mother’s Day, a notoriously busy day for farmers markets.

The Granville Farmer’s Market will occur on the second and fourth Sunday’s of each month, and will go from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. at the Gran-Val Scoop. The last farmer’s market will be on Sept. 24.

At least 11 vendors are a part of the season-long farmers market, offering anything from jewelry to Albanian and Italian food, to pottery, and goat milk soap.

The wide-variety of products that will be offered is something that is important towards making farmer’s markets successful.

“I think it will attract a much bigger audience and a more loyal audience,” said Nicole Berndt, who is co-managing the event.

A Granville resident and an employee at the Gran-Val Scoop, Berndt created the Granville Farmer’s Market along with fellow Granville resident Jess Ripley, whose family owns Maple Corner Farm.

According to Ripley, there had been numerous discussions from residents in Granville about the possibility of having a farmers market. Running the Otis Farmer’s Market for the past six years, Ripley had the experience of organizing one, but didn’t have a set location for it in Granville.

After looking at a couple different options, Ripley reached out to Berndt and the Gran-Val Scoop and they agreed to host the farmers market twice a month.

The Granville Farmer’s Market will officially kick off on Mother’s Day on May 14. (Photo from Granville Farmer’s Market Facebook Page).

With the Gran-Val Scoop already having a steady customer base, Brandt sees a good opportunity for local vendors.

“We thought it would be good for the farmer, because we’ll at least be able to guarantee that people will be there,” said Berndt.

The Gran-Val Scoop will also be participating in the farmer’s market as they will offer some products of their own like eggs, pork, and beef.

With Granville, Tolland, and other surrounding hill-towns nearby, Ripley pointed to the fact that residents in those communities may not be able to get all of the produce they want without driving 20 minutes in another direction.

Ripley mentioned that she drives to grocery stores in either Southwick or Westfield and she believes that the Granville Farmer’s Market will allow residents to have a closer, home-town option.

“I try to think of people that are really out there (in the hill-towns),” said Ripley.

Anxiously waiting for the start of the farmer’s market, both Ripley and Berndt have gotten positive feedback from the community.

“The outpouring of support from the town is amazing,” said Ripley. “Everybody’s response has been really incredible.”

While the co-managers of the farmers market are pleased with the 11 or so vendors committed through September, they highly encourage any farmers, food producers, and plant sellers to contact them as Berndt noted that there is more than enough space still open at the Gran-Val Scoop.

Ripley can be contacted at 413-357-9919 or [email protected] and Berndt can be reached at 413-579-7400 or [email protected].

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