Norma Jean Watson

WESTFIELD – Norma Jean Watson, 77, (1946-2024) entered eternal rest the morning of March 22nd, 2024. She passed peacefully with the love and support of her family. For many years, she courageously fought congestive heart failure.

Norma was born May 20th, 1946 in the small Canadian town of Huntingdon, Quebec. She was the first child to be born in the hospital and was the fifth of eight children. She was the daughter of Dorothy A. Watson (Wilson) and Donald Edward Watson of Gould, Quebec. Her siblings are as follows, Betty Ann Brace, Shirley Watson, Diane Miller, Jim Watson (predeceased) Donald Watson (predeceased), Gordon Watson (predeceased) and Dotty Hooker.

Norma loved to tell stories and was often creating laughter at family gatherings. One of her favorite memories was how all of her siblings mowed lawns with the push mower up and down the hills of Lexington MA. She remembers running through the homes with her siblings when her father was away and eating ice cream after a long day of mowing. Edward was a builder and had his children mow the lawns of the homes he sold. Lexington is where her family moved when she was a newborn and she later graduated from Lexington High School. After graduating high school, she followed her older sister Betty Ann out to Western Mass and enrolled in a nursing program at Western Mass Hospital to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. She graduated in 1970 as an LPN and was a devoted nurse for 44 years. In 1969, she met the love of her life Frank J. Krajewski, he was an established businessman in Holyoke MA. They later married in 1970 and had two wedding receptions. One was in Lexington and one in Holyoke MA for family and friends. Eugene Krajewski, Frank’s brother, was a baker for the Log Cabin and made a large four-layer fruit cake for the couple. This was Frank’s favorite cake. In 1971, their beloved daughter Laurel A. Krajewski was born and welcomed with joy.

Norma was employed at Providence Hospital for 29 years until the hospital closed its doors. This was a turbulent time, but she moved on to dispense methadone to clients who were in recovery for 4 years in Springfield MA. She later worked for Mercy Home Care caring for patients in the surrounding towns. She enjoyed her job caring for her patients and would spend extra time listening to their needs and sharing her own stories. In 2005, Norma suffered a horrific car accident on Westfield Street in West Springfield. During the accident two nurses stopped to wrap her head in towels and along with Baystate Medical Center saved her life. It was a miracle to have nurses on their way to work to support her during a time of need. She was blessed that day to have those two special nurses by her side and a trauma hospital a few short miles away. Three years later she was determined to return to her nursing career and was rehired by Mercy Home Care. Norma worked many years until her health started to decline and she needed to stay home.

Family was important for Norma, and she frequently visited her sister Dotty and family in Quebec, Canada. She also visited her Canadian cousins who she was deeply fond of, Roberta, Bill and Mavis (Crawford). Attending family events and spending time with friends were a significant part of her life. Norma’s grandsons John and Danny were the light of her life. She participated in all she could and babysat regularly when the boys were young. John and Danny Doyle spent time listening to their grandmother’s stories of her young life skating on the pond and watching her grandfather shear the sheep. Even when her health was declining she would pick up the boys from school so they wouldn’t have to walk home in the rain. She would also take them to a local store and get them a sweet treat. Norma had a large family and enjoyed visiting with all her family: Beloved daughter Laurel Doyle and devoted son-in-law Matthew Doyle, grandsons John Doyle and Danny Doyle of Westfield MA, Sister-in-law Marsha Watson of Scituate MA, Brother-in-law George Miller (predeceased), Brother-in-law Thomas Hooker (predeceased) and her nieces and nephews and their children. Her nieces and nephews are as follows: George Brace of Amherst, Keith Brace of Belchertown, Glen Miller of Boston, Dana Miller of Mansfield, Chris Miller of Pelham NH, Melissa Compton of Kingston, James Watson of Scituate, Emily Gesner of NH, Jennifer Hooker, Rebecca Hooker, Pamela Hooker, Patricia Hooker and Marshall Hooker all of Quebec, CA.

Norma’s final resting place will be in Huntingdon, Quebec, Canada. The family will make arrangements for her burial this summer. Her mother Dorothy A. Watson, brother Gordon Watson, maternal grandparents, and favorite maternal aunt and uncle Norma and Bert Crawford are buried in Huntingdon as well. Norma wished to be laid to rest in Canada alongside family. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the American Heart Association in memory of Norma Watson. A private family service was held at Firtion Adams in Westfield MA to celebrate her life.

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