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Councilor Bean: what a week!

Brent Bean

What a week! No heat, hot water, electricity, internet, Dancing with the Stars or NFL football! A snow storm of such proportions that we will never forget!
Driving throughout Westfield this week, I have been struck by the heartwarming sense of community that is being reflected in the random acts of kindness that are everywhere – from neighbors helping neighbors to strangers helping strangers.
I am struck by how a disaster such as this really reinforces my belief that there is no better community to live in and no better place to serve.
The alliances, the partnerships and the friendships that have been fostered in our community are seeing us through the hard times. I want to take this opportunity to thank the caring folks at Noble Hospital, the concerned staff at Westfield State, our dedicated city employees, members of the 104th at Barnes, the city’s diligent service agencies and organizations and the residents of Westfield, who never fail to be there for others.
You all deserve our thanks!!!
Here’s hoping that you and your families are safe, warm and secure.

Brent, Tara, Hannah and Catherine Bean

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