Ocean State alcohol decision tabled again

SOUTHWICK – Owners of Ocean State Job Lot (OSJL) will have to wait another week to find out if the Southwick store can sell alcohol.
Attorney Mary O’Neill met with the Board of Selectmen last week during a public hearing. The request was made for the store to sell private label wines and overstock malt in a 100 square-foot space in the store.
The board tabled the vote to last night, then tabled it again because new information was brought forth.
Police Chief David Ricardi said last week he was not in favor of issuing OSJL a license to sell alcohol. He submitted a list of questions and concerns, many of which O’Neil’s March 3 presentation answered. Last night she submitted specific responses to each of Ricardi’s concerns.
Selectwoman Tracy Cesan asked if Ricardi was given those answers. O’Neil said he was not.
“If we’re basing our decision on his recommendation, I don’t see how we can vote on it when he doesn’t have all the information,” said Cesan.
During public comment, Economic Development commissioner Michael McMahon said after reviewing the plans and hearing from the Chamber of Commerce, he believed the brands OSJL would offer would attract people to the store and not take away from other Southwick alcohol retailers.
O’Neil agreed.
“This is not a place where you can buy Miller Lite,” she said. “It will not be major brands, but would be private label wine such as ‘Two Buck Chuck’.”
She stressed there would be no coolers or ice cold beverages.
“it’s just for the convenience of shoppers,” said O’Neil.
Ricardi’s concerns included the storage area for alcohol. Where it would be rung up, would cashiers be TIPS certified, and security, among others.
O’Neil said the storage would be locked and away from public access and all store emotes would be TIPS-trained. She said the alcohol would be rung up at the cash registers located at the front of the store.
O’Neil said the store currently has 16 surveillance cameras in place, including at the registers and all doors, and there would be cameras focused on the alcohol area.

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