PulseLine, January 13, 2015

Superintendent Scallion was quoted in the Westfield News Saturday saying that her deadline for calling a school delay is 5:30am and “the snow hadn’t even started to fall.” I live in Westfield, in The Munger School district and woke at 4:45am Friday to see very heavy snow starting to fall along with strong winds. I also watched the local weather the evening before and that morning where they predicted a challenging morning commute due to icy conditions. It is a shame that the superintendant who is charged with the safety of so many lives did not have a more reliable source in Westfield to let her know the true weather situation here Friday morning. She showed very poor judgement in not delaying school , risking the well being of our school children, Bus drivers and educators.

Well, yesterday was our first day with the new trash barrels. I had two bags of trash in there and plenty of room to spare. I’m not sure why one bag was left inside the barrel. Is there a one bag a week limit? If so, you could have saved money and just given everyone a five quart pail with a lid.

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