Planning Board approves home-based waffle business

WESTFIELD – The Planning Board approved a special permit for a home-based baked goods business on Feb. 2.

Tara Satkowski of 26 Laflin St. said her plan is to start her own waffle company with a food truck, and wants to begin with home pick up and ecommerce. She said she understands the restrictions for a home-based business, and plans to hold porch pick-ups on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Satkowski said she will be selling a healthy version of waffles, called “Wickedly Wild Waffles,” according to her application.

When asked about the food truck plan, Satkowski said it’s challenging with COVID, but she wants to get started now. She said her plan is to start the business in her house, then move it to the food truck in a year.

Satkowski said it’s hard to anticipate how much business she will have out of the house, but understands there’s a limit of 16 per day. She said she will be focusing more on ecommerce, but wanted to have the opportunity for local people to pick them up.

“I could set up my business to only allow for 16 daily orders. I just want to establish the business for one year, the minimum for a business loan,” Satkowski said.

Other restrictions on the permit include no signs, and no on premises consumption. The board also reserves the right to inspect premises. Hours were granted 7 days a week, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., limited to preparing and distributing pre ordered baked goods.

After the permit was unanimously approved, chair William Carellas informed Satkowski of the next steps. He said there is a 20 day appeal process, after which the permit must be recorded with the Registry of Deeds before she can begin operation. He said she must also abide by the conditions throughout the term of the special permit.

“Congratulations on getting special permit approval,” he said.

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