Police log, Feb. 6, 2018


Major crime and incident report

Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2018

2:11 a.m.: Illegal trash disposal, Westfield Technical Academy, Smith Avenue. Police reported that there appeared to be a barrel full of trash that was “dumped” in the upper campus of the school. Police reported that inside the trash there was allegedly credit card receipts that bore a name.

8:56 a.m.: Accident, Shaker Road and Little River Road. Police received a report of a two-vehicle accident. A 2007 Ford Explorer and a 2003 Mercedez ML500 were involved. No injuries reported but one tow truck requested.

1:24 p.m.: Larceny, walk-in. Police received a report that a person was contacted at home regarding winning a large sum of money. It was reported that the person had allegedly met another person at a location in Westfield and reported gave them $420 to allegedly process their winnings. The alleged victim was then asked to meet the person at two financial institutions but there was no contact since.

2:38 p.m.: Assault, North Elm Street. Police received a report of two parties that began punching each other following walking into a store. The two left the scene and no charges filed, according to police.

3:38 p.m.: Accident, Washington Street and Court Street. Police received a report for an accident. A 2017 Toyota Camry and a 2015 Subaru Forester were involved. No injuries reported but one tow truck was requested.

5:10 p.m.: Accident, East Main Street. Police received a report of a rear-end accident. A 2017 Honda Accord and a 1995 Toyota Tacoma were involved. An injury was reported but ambulance denied by person, according to report.

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