Police Log, July 21, 2014

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Monday, July 21, 2014
2:17 a.m.: vandalism, Pochassic Street, a caller reports her mailbox was vandalized, the responding officer reports that he discovered that four mailboxes on Pochassic Street and two on Wyben Road had been vandalized, the officer reports that in all cases the mailbox was knocked off its stand and a large rock was found nearby;
7:55 a.m.: larceny, Lockhouse Road, a caller from a tree service reports that about six saws are missing from their trucks;
11:10 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Margerie Street, a patrol officer requests a tow for an unregistered vehicle parked on Margerie Street, the officer reports that the owner paid the tow-truck operator and the van was moved to the owner’s nearby driveway;
12:13 p.m.: animal complaint, Orange Street at Kellogg Street, a caller reports that a medium sized fluffy whiter dog is running loose, the responding animal control officer reports she took custody of the dog and transported it to the municipal animal shelter;
1:22 p.m.: trespassing, Russell Road, a patrol officer reports he encountered four persons swimming in the river in an area posted with ‘No trespassing’ signs, the young men were identified, advised that they were trespassing, and left the area;
4:30 p.m.: arrest, Jefferson Street, an officer reports he sought the subject of an outstanding warrant at her last known address and found her there, Darlene A. Morse, 47, of 3 Jefferson St., was arrested on a warrant issued in 2012 by the Westfield District Court;
4:53 p.m.: disturbance, Union Street, a caller reports a domestic disturbance, the responding officer reports he found that the female party smacked her former husband’s face so hard his glasses fell off and also kicked his knee, Tracy Lynn Hoynoski, 37, of 126 Union St., was arrested for assault and battery in a domestic relationship, the Department of Children and Families was notified because the incident occurred in front of their young children;
6:16 p.m.: assist citizen, Southwood Acres, 342 Southwick Road, a male party requests assistance gathering property from an address he is barred from by a protective order, the responding officer reports the man collected his belongings without incident;
6:48 p.m.: disturbance, Hampton Ponds State Park, a park employee reports a group of persons he is attempted to disperse from the park is refusing to leave and members of the group are threatening him, the responding officer reports that the park staffer said that the persons had left the park and were across the street in a parking lot, the employee described a particularly fractious young man who was found in the parking lot, the officers spoke with the man who was found to be the subject of an outstanding warrant issued by Chicopee District Court in 2013, Sabian Negron, 19, was arrested on the warrant;
7:53 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Clinton Avenue, a patrol officer reports he observed a person known to him from previous encounters operating a car and a routine check revealed that the man’s license had been revoked, Hector Luis Martinez, 22, of 15 Clinton Ave., was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with a revoked license;
7:57 p.m.: assault, Smith Avenue, a caller reports he was assaulted by a 15-year-old boy, the responding officer reports that the 18-year-old complainant said that he and the younger boy had been involved in a verbal financial dispute when the other boy struck his face, the complainant declined medical assistance and the officer reports a criminal complaint was filed against the 16-year-old juvenile boy;
8:24 p.m.: suspicious activity, King Street, a patrol officer reports he was flagged down by a person who reported that a man was outside waving a sword saying he was going to kill someone, the officer reports he found a male party flailing at weeds with a sword who denied saying that he was going to kill somebody, the officer spoke with two persons nearby and both said that the man had not said anything about killing anybody, the officer reports he took custody of the sword;
11:25 p.m.: disturbance, Westminister Street, a caller reports his father is intoxicated and struck him, the responding officer reports that the older man displayed the classic symptoms of alcohol intoxication, the officer reports he was told that the older man had grabbed his son’s neck and choked him and when the victim’s elder brother attempted to intervene his father choked him too, Mark W. Correia, 44, of 3 Princeton St., was arrested for two counts of assault and battery in a domestic relationship;
11:34 p.m.: disturbance, Park Square Town Houses, 140 Union St., a caller reports 5-6 people are fighting, the responding officer reports that a check of persons at the scene revealed a man to be the subject of an outstanding warrant issued in 2013 by Westfield District Court, Richard Marrero, 27, of 140 Union St., was arrested on the warrant, the man had not been directly involved in the disturbance which the officer found was centered on a violation of an abuse prevention order, the victim said that her former girlfriend violated the order and struck her face repeatedly, the victim said that the suspect had also struck her friend, Rynna S. Crump, 26, of 140 Union St., was arrested for assault and battery , assault and battery in a domestic relationship and for violation of an abuse prevention order.

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