Police Log, March 7, 2014

Emergency Response and Crime Report
Friday, March 7, 2014
1:20 a.m.: unwanted guest, Washington Street, a person from university housing came to the station to complain that a non-resident has been asked repeatedly to leave the building but keeps returning, the responding officer reports Robert G. Chaiton, 20, of 4 York Lane, Franklin, was arrested for trespass;
3:14 a.m.: motor vehicle violation, Elm Street, a patrol officer reports he attempted to stop a vehicle for speeding which did not immediately stop, when the vehicle eventually stopped on Elm Street, the operator declined to submit to field sobriety tests but the officer determined the man to be intoxicated, Dane Dakota Hoffman, 20, of 12 Varno Lane, Enfield, Conn., was arrested for negligent operation of a motor vehicle, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of liquor, possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, failure to stop for police, failure to slow, failure to signal and a marked lanes violation, the vehicle was towed to the police impound yard but a pre-tow inventory revealed a more than nine grams of cocaine and a large amount of cash in three different areas of the vehicle, the officer reports no paraphernalia associated with cocaine use was found, the man was also charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute;
9:08 a.m.: assault, Elm Street, a resident came to the station to reports that she had been assaulted earlier in the day, the responding officer reports the woman said that about 1:50 a.m. a friend she had been drinking with became upset and kicked and punched her, the woman said that she defended herself and was reporting the incident so that her side of the story would be on file if the other woman filed a complaint, the officer noted signs of minor injury;
9:22 a.m.: school investigation, Mill Street, a school bus driver came to the station to report an incident which had occurred on his bus, the responding detective reports that the man said that pupils on his bus had been playing with a laser pointer and the laser light was reflected into his eyes by a mirror, the driver said that he did not believe the result was intentional but he confiscated the pointer and advised the relevant principal, the detective reports the two boys were suspended from school for five days;
9:47 a.m.: larceny, Holland Avenue, a caller reports a houseguest stole from her, the responding officer reports the complainant said that a friend had spent the night at her apartment but in the morning the other woman left abruptly while she was in a another room, the caller said that she found that her keys and sneakers her guest had admired earlier were missing, the woman said that her car was not moved and was advised to change her locks;
9:50 a.m.: suspicious person, Shaker Road, a patrol officer reports he encountered a male party with an assault rifle in the bike path parking lot, the officer reports he investigated to find that the man was carrying two weapons which were found to be air soft replicas of real assault rifles, the man told the officer that he was looking for a place to test the air soft guns prior to an upcoming competition and was advised that since the toy weapons appear real he could be a cause for concern to others on the bike path and he agreed to find another area;
11:08 a.m.: vandalism, Powdermill Village, 126 Union St., a patrol officer reports a member of the staff at the apartment complex reports that a door and door frame have been damaged, the responding office reports he was told that the crew of an ambulance who were returning a resident to his apartment made forcible entry when they encountered an obstruction and the door now cannot be secured, the officer reports a representative of the ambulance service agreed to make restitution for the damages;
1:25 p.m.: animal complaint, Broad Street, the animal control officer reports a resident has taken custody of a stray dog, the ACO reports she transported to the municipal animal shelter a female long-haired Chihuahua black and brown dog which was wearing a collar but no tags;
2:42 p.m.: found property, North Elm Street, a caller reports finding an automotive registration plate, the responding officer transported the plate to the Traffic and Safety Bureau;
4:32 p.m.: larceny, Springfield Road, an employee of a Springfield Road department store reports persons who have shoplifted from the store in the past are again stealing, the responding officer reports a store employee said that the two men had been seen placing expensive electronic toothbushes and an electronic shaver into a tote as they have done in the past, the officer reports the men left the store separately and when the one carrying the container was accosted he dropped the merchandise and fled but was detained, merchandise valued at $593.96 was recovered, Thomas F. Cliché, 19, of 68 Montgomery St., Indian Orchard, and Shaun A. Mann, 22, of 78 Forest Park Ave., Springfield, were each arrested for larceny of property valued more than $250 and conspiracy to commit larceny;
9:20 p.m.: office wanted, White Street, an East Falmouth resident came to the station to complain that she was assaulted by her roommate, the responding officer reports that the woman said that when she told her roommate she was moving out a dispute arose about a utility bill and she was assaulted, the officer reports neither party wishes to pursue criminal charges;
11:34 p.m.: suspicious person, North Elm Street, a caller reports a woman at a gas station and convenience store is asking customers for money and drugs, the responding officer reports he arrived to find a commotion in the parking lot centered around a woman who was holding a infant precariously and had reportedly backed her vehicle into a parked car, the officer reports that the woman appeared to be under the influence of an unidentified substance and she said that she had taken prescription painkillers for back pain, the woman had two other children (aged five and seven) in her car along with the two-year-old she had been holding, the woman’s license was found to have been suspended and she admitted that she had been driving without a license, Sarah M. Line, 32, of 79 Meadow Street, was arrested for three charges of reckless endangerment of a child and single charges of operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, disorderly conduct and a state highway traffic violation, the Department of Children and Families was notified.

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