Police Log Saturday, March 31, 2018

Major crime and incident report
Saturday, March 31, 2018

8:51 a.m.: larceny, School Street, a patrol officer reports he observed three juvenile children pushing a shopping cart loaded with un-bagged groceries, the officers report he transported the property and the children to a nearby supermarket where the management declined to pursue shoplifting charges but served the children with “No trespassing” orders, the juveniles were transported to the Westfield Police Station to await their parents and parental discipline;
11:48 a.m.: larceny Lincoln Street, a resident came to the station to complain that somebody stole mail containing a check and the check was cashed, the responding officer reports a suspect has been identified but the investigation is not complete;
2:06 p.m.: animal complaint, Second Avenue, a caller reports a stray German shepherd dog, the responding animal control officer reports the dog looks more like a husky with blue eyes and a blue harness, the dog was transported to the Westfield Animal Shelter;
3:47 p.m.: incapacitated person, Sackett Street, a caller reports a man who appears to be about 60-years-old has apparently fallen from his bicycle and is not responding to verbal stimuli, dual response dispatched, the responding officer reports that the man was transported to Baystate Noble Hospital and his bicycle was chained to the nearest bike rack;
7:14 p.m.: fire, New Broadway, a caller reports a chimney fire, the responding firefighters report no flames were visible upon arrival and a thermal scan of the chimney showed no hot spots, a neighbor showed firefighters a picture showing flames had been coming from the chimney and the firefighters examined the flue and found it largely blocked, a dry chemical extinguisher was deployed to ensure there was no fire in the chimney and the resident was advised to have the chimney cleaned before using the wood stove again;

9:05 p.m.: fire, George Street, a caller reports smoke from a neighbor’s fire is making residents sick, the responding firefighters report they found that a fire pit and a grill were both in use, the resident was informed of the pertinent regulations and was advised to extinguish the fire in the fire pit;
9:31 p.m.: animal complaint, Northridge Road, a caller reports she has been driving around her neighborhood hoping to find the owners of a white Labrador retriever dog found there but she can no longer maintain custody of the dog, the responding animal control officer reports the dog was transported to the Westfield Animal Shelter.

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