Police Log, September 15, 2015

Major crime and incident report
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
7:56 a.m.:
vandalism, Stanley Park, 400 Western Ave., the gate at the park was vandalized;
9:33 a.m.: accident, S. Maple Street at Mill Street, officer witnessed a driver hitting the curb and refused to stop for police, officers found him at the Shell station on Southwick Road, he will be criminally complainted for driving under license suspension and refusing to stop for police;
12 p.m.: forgery/counterfeiting, Phipps, 483 E. Main St., employee reported that a customer tried passing a counterfeit $50 bill, employee kept bill and suspect left the store;
12:32 p.m.: vandalism, Camp Shepard, 370 North West Road, caller reported someone had thrown a large amount of paint around the inside of the arts and crafts building causing damage to the majority of floors, walls, ceiling, windows, etc., suspect probably gained access through a window, police were to check for fingerprints around the windows;
12:37 p.m.: accident, Cumberland Farms, 1134 Southampton Road, minor property damage;
1:53 p.m.: found property, Forum House, 55 Broad St., caller reported an employee found a purse belonging to a victim who had had her purse snatched over the weekend; see Westfield News for full story;
2:39 p.m.: accident, vacant, 38 Main St., caller reported someone had hit her vehicle while she was in a meeting, the vehicle was “jammed on the side” and her bumper was “all over the street”;
2:51 p.m.: sex offenses, 128 Elm St., investigated/report taken;
4:33 p.m.: shoplifting, Big Y, 475 E. Main St., investigated;
5:06 p.m.: vandalism, Canterbury Lane, resident reported that someone had driver over his law the day before, he has surveillance footage.

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