Police Log, September 2, 2015

Major crime and incident report
Wednesday, September 2, 2015
1:13 a.m.:
suspicious person, Moseley Avenue, perpetrator gone;
5:57 a.m.: warrant service, Willows Apartments, 19 Lockhouse Road, #5-2, Richard D. Sherwood, 30, of 19 Lockhouse Road, Apt. #5-2, arrested on probation warrant;
6:47 a.m.: accident, Gulf Gas Station, Elm Street, patient refused transport, one vehicle towed;
9:15 a.m.: suspicious person, Dennis Street, resident reported there has been a suspicious person hanging around his residence at night;
11:51 a.m.: accident, S Turns, Holyoke Road, no injuries, one vehicle towed;
12:06 p.m.: identity fraud, Western Avenue, resident reported someone was using her address to obtain credit;
12:37 p.m.: medical emergency, 32 Elizabeth Ave., man in his 50s found passed out and not responding, possible heat stroke, transported to Baystate Noble Hospital;
1:32 p.m.: medical emergency, Avery Street, doctor’s office called police to report that a patient’s son called saying his mother had passed away, nothing suspicious about the death;
2:10 p.m.: accident, 152 Montgomery Road at 30 Massey St., two vehicle accident, caller reported being in accident with airbag deployment and fluids leaking from her car, 2006 Ford Taurus and 2008 Honda CRV towed from scene, patient refused medical treatment for burns on hands and arms from the airbag deploying;
3:53 p.m.: accident, Friendly’s Ice Cream Corp., 21 Southampton Road, two-vehicle accident, caller reported drivers yelling at each other, 2009 Toyota Corolla towed;
3:59 p.m.: accident, Citgo, 439 N. Elm St., minor property damage;
5:01 p.m.: motor vehicle violation, Friendly’s Ice Cream Corp., 21 Southampton Road, Robert Lee Nichols, 25, of 538 Southampton Road, arrested on charges of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, uninsured motor vehicle and number plate violation to conceal identity;
5:35 p.m.: accident, Napa Auto parts, 46 Springfield Road, minor property damage;
9:36 p.m.: suspicious vehicle, St. Paul St., 1998 Nissan towed due to revoked insurance;
9:40 p.m.: arrest, Meadow Village Apartments, 34 Meadow St., Apt. 28, juvenile arrested on various charges;
10:32 p.m. report of fire/smoke, New Residence Hall, 577 Western Ave., dual response, fire outside of structure extinguished.

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