Pulse Line June 15, 2012

I’m wondering if the powers that be in City Hall could ask whoever owns the home across from Noble Hospital’s emergency room to please cut their grass. I’m not a snob or anything but they haven’t cut their grass in at least two months… It looks like a jungle. Thank you.

This is a request to people in the medical field: Could you please put a small table in the examination room for the patients to put their paper work on. The doctors and nurses have a desk and it’s pretty hard for us to fill out all the paper work on our laps. If we had a small desk it would make everything a little more efficient and pleasant. Thank you.

This is in regards to the gentleman who called in to the Pulse Line about our country being too full and blah, blah. It bothered me and I really thought about it. He’s very right and some day this issue has got to be addressed. It’s hard enough for everyone to get a job these days and with more and more people coming, they’re going to end up getting these jobs. Sooner or later this issue needs to be addressed. There are not enough jobs to go around. Thank you, PulseLine.

Southwick: Now that we have a very large bill to pay for all the town buildings that have been purchased, renovated and built, and the new school project which has gone through, I read in The Westfield News that phase two of the sewer project is about to start. Once again our taxes are going to go up even more. One other small issue that I’ve been concerned about for some time now is for the police department. Why does the chief of police have to have his own vehicle when he does nothing but go from his own home to the office and back? It seems to me that he could use his own vehicle and be compensated or take one of the white cars from the Town Hall. We could save some money there – insurance, gasoline and the purchase of that vehicle.

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