Pulse Line, June 12, 2012

As the parent of a Westfield High School graduate, I would first like to thank Mr. Broderick and his staff for all of their hard work and dedication. I also want to say that I know it wasn’t an easy call with the weather Friday night. You did a great job in spite of it! However, there is just one thing I have to say and that is that every student on that field as well as their families deserved the right and respect to hear their name loud and clear. They have earned it. Applause, screams and especially horns should not be allowed until the very end of the ceremony after all the names have been read. I have been to other school’s ceremonies and this is how it is done. If the police see people with horns, they simply take them away. There were a few people behind us with horns and it was absolutely deafening. This is unacceptable and needs to be addressed at future ceremonies. Thank you.

Good afternoon, Pulse Line. I would just like to make a comment and thank the Department of Public Work’s tree workers. I had two men come out and correct the very hazardous corner of Edgewood Street and Cranston Street where the trees hung out into the road about four feet. The two gentlemen that came out took care of it and did a very good job. Thank you, DPW.

In Monday’s Pulse Line there was a response from City Councilor President Keefe where he says, “after all, we were celebrating Memorial Day.” We do not celebrate Memorial Day. It is an observance; not a party or a celebration. This is from a 100 percent disabled Vietnam veteran.

I saw the photo in the paper from the Celebration of Life for Patti Andras where the mayor and his wife held sparklers. Don’t they know fireworks, including sparklers, are illegal in the state of Massachusetts?

Good morning. I wanted to thank Jim Curran for writing the wonderful memoir “The Prospect Hill Experience.” It was really great. Bye.

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