Pulse Line, June 14, 2012

Amazing that “exclamation point guy,” hasn’t called in or written a letter lately about Russell problems. The Westfield News should watch that they are not exploited for political purposes or free advertising. For example, I noticed a Southwick citizen running for election that “coincidentally” had three consecutive entries in the Pulse Line. Come on, this is so obvious… This is called “Call the Pulse Line right after I call and we’ll blanket an area of the Pulse Line that will be read right before the election!” That’s exactly what happened and that individual won the contest and, who knows, maybe the triple Pulse Line entries swayed the close election result. The person “exclamation point guy” wanted to win also won in Russell but look how much free advertising the pro Biomass faction received by the literally dozens of entries he had inserted. I don’t live in either town but it seemed to be a rather glaring observation in those two instances. Am I wrong? This entry originally named a specific person and we had to edit it out because the person referenced never had their name publicized with a submitted PulseLine entry. To assume this person submitted an item to the PulseLine is exactly that, an assumption, and you know what Felix Unger said when you assume. Also, we certainly hope the PulseLine is not influencing voters since the PulseLine comments are merely the opinions of the citizens. For accurate facts please read the content that our reporters publish.

I’m calling today about the word “cleanliness.” I’m not going to mention any store names but it was really kind of disturbing for me to see how dirty and smelly the redemption center was. I couldn’t believe how filthy it was. Even the phone that was on the wall to call someone when soda machine is full was completely dirty. There’s no way someone could put that phone to their ear without catching some kind of bacteria. Its summer and I know a lot of people could care less about this but with MRSA, salmonella, different bacteria and bugs going around, the stores should try to keep their redemption centers clean. Maybe once in a great while it’s clean and the floors are swept and washed. Those soda machines need to be washed down or buy new soda machines because they’re really a mess. It’s just unsanitary to smell that. Also, since its summer, I can not stress enough how important it is to wash your hands after using the bathroom whether it’s from home, the restaurants or fast food places. It’s important because today’s world is very fast-paced and a lot of people don’t give a darn. You hear it all the time, “Why are the kids getting sick so often?” and “Why are people getting all these strange bacteria eating infections?” and stuff like that. To take precautions, just wash your hands. There are always sanitation napkins available but, you know, I prefer the old-fashioned way… just soap and water. So, please, just try to be considerate of other people, keep your hands clean and the redemption centers clean. I guess that’s all I have to say. Thank you.

Hello. I want to thank each and every one of you for your comments in the paper to help me find an alarm clock for the hard of hearing. I will certainly give them a try and hopefully one of them will help. So, all of you have a good day. I’m so thankful there are nice people out. Thank you, again.

Hi. I was just at the Southwick town cemetery and I am severely disappointed with the last person to mow the lawn leaving grass clippings blown all over the headstones where I was. Very, very disappointing. I think the cemetery deserves more respect than that. Thank you.

Hi, Pulse Line. Thanks for all you do. This is an idea for Father’s Day for people who haven’t bought a gift for Dad yet. The Friends of the Westfield Senior Center are having a membership drive and for $10 he can be a member for a year and for $100 he can be a lifetime member. Please think about giving Dad a gift like this for Father’s Day. Applications are available at Zuber’s for the south side of Westfield and at Arrow Drug Store for the north side of town. Thanks again Pulse Line for all you do. The new Senior Center is happening and miracles do happen in Westfield. Bye.

Being a citizen of Westfield, I have a question. Why is the mayor focusing so much on the roads, buying a clock and putting in a fountain? Why doesn’t he focus on the crime rate we have in the city? Many of the roads in Westfield have been long neglected and need repairs, either minor or major. Regarding crime in Westfield, as reported in The Westfield News on January 10, 2012, the crime rate in Westfield is lower than many surrounding towns due to the tremendous work of the Westfield Police Dept. to nip issues in the bud. See also our story last week of the recent Marijuana bust.

Regarding the new school teacher’s contract, this message is to Mrs. Hobey and her concerns about health insurance. You’re concerned about a deductible? It’s about time you guys got with the program. Most of us have been dealing with deductibles and co-pays for years. Stop whining.

Police, please take notice: Going to the north side, it is the only place where a car doesn’t get ahead of you and give you a single to tell you where they want to go. They get next to you and try to shove you into the far left lane. What is going on here with people? Do they forget everything when their on the north side? They do this to me if they’re on the left side and they treat it as a passing lane until they get to where they don’t want to go. They decide if they’re on the north side they want to go to the south side and they push and push your car into the next lane. Thank you.

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