PulseLine June 16, 2012

To the police officer that was “working” at Prospect Street Ext., the Westfield Police Department bars you from using your cell phone while you are on duty. So stop texting and get back to work! As we have stated here numerous times, the only way for concerns regarding officers on traffic duty to be addressed is to bring it up with a superior officer of the Westfield Police Dept.

So far this week no one has been fixing the big hole on Free Street by Walgreens. If they need something to fill in the hole, there’s a trap rock company on East Mountain Road. They can get it there, take it to the big hole, fill it in and it will be fixed. Thank you.

What can you do to stop the trucks from driving on East Mountain Road and Holyoke Road from six o’clock at night until six o’clock in the morning? There’s got to be something we can do. It’s ridiculous. Please contact the traffic bureau of the Westfield Police Dept.

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