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Does Mr. Miller think that the taxpayers of this city are complete fools.  We have just been through a major broo ha ha about the city budget and the impact on raising taxes and he wants to spend $40,000 initially, plus upkeep costs, to put blue lights in six parking lots, and eventually all parking lots in the city; for the six to eight times a year they will need to be plowed. As the signs say, when notified if you don’t move it we tow it and you pay.  He wants the taxpayers to pay, and still there will be cars that have to be towed.  I suggest the Mr. Miller cut back on what ever he is smoking or drinking and use some common fiduciary sense!  It is blue sky ideas like this that cause the city budget to get completely out of hand. Next they will want to put multicolored lights on the granite penal implants on the corners of the GAS LIGHT DISTRICT streets. Will someone on the City Council please rein this person in and educate him on the value of tax dollars.

I want to make sure that all prospective business owners looking at a facility or running a business in Westfield know that Westfield, and most specifically its Planning Board, are not pro business. The negative vote by the two buffoons on the Planning Board for the proposed dog kennel where Zubers currently is was not based on any factual piece of information but more on their feelings. Hey snowflakes, everyone has feelings but you just prevented a new business from opening and you two knuckleheads just changed the reputation Westfield will now have about accepting new business to the community. Dog waste? What about the place on Union St that’s actually in a flood zone? Kudos to Levesque who presented facts and was able to rationally dispel any perceived negative about this business but apparently facts don’t matter to the two no votes. And to those residents who fought this…get ready because now there’s going to be a vacant business on a main thoroughfare. Way to go!

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