PulseLine, February 8, 2016

To the fantastic work of the Westfield Animal Control they caught and took away the rooster alive. Thank you for what you do.

What is everyone’s thoughts on the city still entertaining a power plant to be built on the north end??? This has been kept very quiet and moving forward and all Westfield residents should be VERY concerned!!!

Noble Hospital has been there for me & my friends & family through thick & thin. The negative press about the colonoscopes is just that, negative. The actual likelihood that anyone could have contracted a life threatening or better yet, ANY disease is minuscule. I am an RN. I know the healthcare system. Noble Hospital is a small community hospital that holds itself to a higher standard because it is trying to break down the misconceptions of community hospital care. Community hospitals may not be level 1 or level 2 trauma centers but they ARE your best chance for survival should you require medical treatment in an emergency situation. I plead with the local public to not jump to conclusions. I have no affiliation with Noble Hospital. However, as a critical care RN, I have NO qualms about bringing myself or my family there. Community hospitals are staffed by community members who are committed to you and your community. Please do not let negative & vague press releases deter you from seeking medical attention from one of the finest community hospitals in Massachusetts. If we don’t support our local community hospital, it may not be there when we need it most. That would be a shame.
Thank you.

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