PulseLine, August 16, 2012

Is it not surprising that the town of Russell is ONCE AGAIN embroiled in controversy… This time involving the recent hiring of a police chief. I am just now reading Tuesday’s PulseLine wherein a caller is highly critical of both The Westfield News and a female reporter covering this story, “demanding” an apology to the town of Russell and the current Select Board. I found this caller’s remarks both confusing and insulting. To even suggest that The Westfield News would deliberately alter the true facts of this “appointment” to create a “juicy” story is both ludicrous and ignorant. I commend The Westfield News for standing by their coverage. I also take issue with the disparaging remarks leveled against the wife of the state trooper. I have known this woman, both professionally and personally, for many years. She is, without a doubt, a very bright, articulate, honorable person and would NEVER diminish her reputation by distorting facts out of anger or “emotion.” If anyone deserves an apology it is her. I give her a world of credit for supporting her husband. This caller states the State Trooper “was not being considered for the job.” It is my understanding he made application for this position. Why then was he never granted the courtesy of an interview? The bottom line is this ALL reeks of small town politics. Hopefully, this Mr. Cortis (Chairman of the Board) will provide complete information as to how exactly this position was filled and put to rest all the speculation. Thank you.

Good morning. It’s Wednesday morning and I’m sitting out on my deck watching and listening to the F15s flying around. I’m sure a lot of people will complain about it but it’s good to see and hear them again. I’m glad they’re back and I’d like to see more of them flying around. Thank you.

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