PulseLine, August 9, 2012

I would just like to say thank you to the owner of the beautiful house at 11 North Elm St. You have kept your home looking neat and clean and welcoming throughout the road and bridge construction. In the midst of all that mess, I looked forward to seeing your home. Even now that the construction is over, I would prefer to look at that beige house than the cement bowl with the weeds growing out of it or the infamous bridge (with dead flowers)! If more homeowners followed your lead, this would be such a beautiful city. Thank You!

This letter is in regard to the articles in the Pulse Line regarding the extremely inappropriate timing of comments of one person printed in this column. I am very heartened by the wonderful response of support for the family of Jose Torres. While basing your decision on everyone’s right to “Freedom of Speech,” as well as your opinion that it is our need or desire to know the thoughts of all members of our shared community, to allow the publication of that author’s opinion with the incredibly offensive timing in this no-signature-needed column, I believe a more egregious offense was committed than not allowing that writer their protection under Freedom of Speech. I think a significant line of decency was crossed! It is my opinion when you choose to allow people your Pulse Line platform to voice comments, that will clearly be incredibly hurtful for people suffering the loss of a loved-one, that the timing of the article at least not be on the day of the wake or funeral! It is also my opinion that when people call or write in thoughts that are of a denigrating nature, whether that person be a public or private citizen, that the writer be required to submit their name, as is the case when writing to Letter to the Editor. Thank you. My name is Mary Strebel and I approve of this message.

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