PulseLine, December 12, 2012

What a wonderful Tuesday morning for Westfield, to have the WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA stop at Stanley Park. Eight tractor trailers, a busload of volunteers, each branch of the military represented, Veterans riding motorcycles, all being led by the Maine State Police. Personally, it took my breath away. The message these folks are spreading should be in our hearts and minds everyday. The ceremony was Beautiful, led by Robert McKean, Managing Director of Stanley Park and himself, a Veteran. The National Anthem was sung by Westfields very own, Lauran Beluzo, who did an excellent job. As well as God Bless America, the closing song. Four young students recited essays they had written and did a nice job. To hear the First Lady of Maine choke up when Thanking the MANY students lining the streets holding signs, was unbelievable. She was elated and absolutely impressed by the turn-out of the citizens of Westfield. We had the opportunity to talk to a couple who were volunteers riding the bus and they have been laying wreaths at Arlington since 1996. The eight tractor trailers were carrying 135,000 wreaths to be placed at Arlington. That is amazing, and next year they plan on placing more. This was event that we will never forget.

I don’t think we’re interested in running any more bus-related pulseline entries, are we?

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