PulseLine, December 26, 2012

Hello PulseLine, I am very surprised at the new owners of the newspaper. They have taken a perfectly good established paper and turned it into a moneymaker for themselves. It’s gone from very few ads to 45-50 ads per day. Now, that’s a big income right there. They’ve enlarged all the pictures so they don’t have to put so many stories into the paper. So, we’re getting less news. I’m not entirely happy at all with the way this paper is going. I’m hoping Mr. Berry is going to make some changes. And as far as the PulseLine goes, sir, there’s a great many seniors and low-income people out there that purchase your newspaper that would like to make comments to the PulseLine that do not own a computer or can’t afford to own a computer. They enjoy the PulseLine. They enjoy calling in giving their concerns to you, hoping you print it. I hope you go back to taking the phone calls again, sir. Thank you.

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