PulseLine, December 31, 2014

Erika Hayden needs to go back to writing for Rolling Stone Magazine. I respect her opinion, but when she takes the lazy route and changes the facts when the facts don’t fit her theory, she loses all credibility as a writer. Her very last sentence is an out right lie. He had a gun. It was not a cell phone as she states. It’s a shame that she discredits those who are trying to make a difference by simply lying to make her point. Shame on her. It’s true that Antonio Martin did have a 9mm hand gun with him. However, cropped surveillance videos from the gas station used by police shows something light up in his hand, which is then pointed at the officer. Many people are speculating that Martin was trying to record on his cellphone but until the public can be allowed to view the cropped surveillance tape, we may never know what the full picture is. – Erika Hayden

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