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What is it about drivers on the north side not stopping at stop signs? Almost on a daily basis, someone either fails to stop at the stop sign or waits until a car is already as the intersection of Springdale and Holyoke Road and pulls into the intersection. This morning, it was Dry Bridge Rd and Sandy Hill that a car was failing to stop at the stop sign on Sandy Hill and Dry Bridge. Do we need to paint the signs a flashier red?? Do we need sound equipment that yells “STOP!!!!” Last time I checked, I did not see where my car had a “cloaking device” button that I might have accidentally hit so that you cannot see me!!! I know we all have to die someday, but I don’t want it to be at a north side intersection because someone failed to stop at a stop sign. Please, start obeying the rules of the road, come to a full and complete stop and don’t pull out into intersections until it is safe to do so. As a former auto claims adjuster, believe me, you do not want to be found at fault in an accident, between surcharges and premium hikes, you will pay for your profound lack of good judgement for MANY years.

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