PulseLine, February 14, 2012

Why is ward 2 still not being represented? We know Peter Miller moved on and resigned from the city council.  Why? Because he knew he had another job waiting for him.  Will this paper start telling the real facts and the truth? Everyone can see through you.  Wake up! This is in regard to articles in February 12, Tuesday’s, issue.  One, front page, let it be known to all that obesity is a real problem in this country. Do something about it! Two, Tina Gorman, Shake of Winter! Let me inform you that many seniors have a hard time paying their bills, much less going to $20 a piece dinner parties on Shaker Farms Country Club. Ridiculous! Hey!  Who’s running the PulseLine down there? February 12, Tuesday, PulseLine, Sheraton Inn not plowed.  Please tell me where the Sheraton Inn is in Westfield? Last time I knew it was closed years ago, up on Russell Road and yet you print this foolishness.  HA! Love this rant!

Well, it’s too bad the post office is going to drop delivery on Saturday, but here in beautiful Westfield, it gives the guys a chance to rub their shoulders down for having to reach out of their trucks so far to put mail in the mailboxes.  This is one of the worst plow jobs I’ve ever seen and I’ve been here for 56 years.  And going up Shaker Road, mailboxes are at least three to four feet away from the plow job.  Just a little bit closer.  With Mr. Wielgus and his crew, they used to plow, you could see sparks.  And the Genovese crews barely even plowed, but at least they, you know, could get pretty close up to the mailboxes.  The mailboxes were hit left and right all the time.  Now, I need a reaching stick.  Next time, if we have any more snow, let’s try to reach a little closer, guys.  Otherwise, it doesn’t look too bad.  Thanks.
Hi.  I live at Henry’s trailer park and I would like to say thank you ever so much to the air national guards that dug us out. If it wasn’t for them, we’d still be snowed in. Thanks you guys.  Thanks a lot.
My compliments to whomever brought Carl Hartdegen back to the Westfield News.  His article today entitled “Officer Rescues Woman from Family’s Abuse” was excellent and his ability to cover all aspects of the case without being judgmental, is to be commended.  Carl’s superb command of the English language is refreshing. Kudos to all! Carl, who has been with The Westfield News for 16 years, thanks you for the kind words. Plus, we appreciate the recognition of the hard work and attention to detail, not to mention our objective reporting.
Friday night was certainly as bad as it gets in New England and an evening we were all pleased to remain in the warmth and comfort of our homes! It was also the evening that, well after midnight, my carbon monoxide alarm woke me from a most pleasant sleep. It wasn’t the big blast, but rather a series of chirps; new batteries failed to quiet the constant intrusion. In my heart I felt the alarm was probably malfunctioning, but nevertheless, I could not get back to sleep. After serious deliberation I decided I really needed call the fire department, even though the last thing I wanted to do was to cause a firefighter to come out in the middle of a blizzard, especially when I was not at all certain the trip was required. But come they did and marched up my driveway in knee-deep snow. After a very pleasant greeting, these men carefully checked my home, inside and out, while apologizing for dripping snow on my floor! The monitor they carried registered zero; I was both relieved and horrified that I was responsible for what turned out to be an unnecessary visit. The problem was indeed the monitor-it needed to be replaced. The firefighters could not have been kinder or more solicitous. I apologized repeatedly; they told me not to worry as they would be out all night. I am sure more important calls came in as the storm progressed, and I can only hope they left with some inkling of the peace and comfort they provided. I watched them trudge back down my driveway in the howling wind, knowing they faced a long night ahead and said a prayer for their safety. We are truly blessed here in Westfield by the knowledgeable, well-trained, and caring men and women of our fire department. Thank you Chief Regan and the dedicated members of your department for the outstanding job you perform while protecting both our property and our lives.
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