PulseLine, January 26, 2013

It’s regarding the article in PulseLine regarding addressing the ridicule the press has heaved upon the NRA and so forth.  Number one: the NRA asked for being ridiculed because you have some guy named LaPierre who is making outrageous and ridiculous statements about what the President wants to do with guns.  Number one: the President does not want to take anybody’s guns away.  He wants some restrictions on certain thing within the guns, I suppose.  That is not against the Constitution.  No one is going to take your guns away, my little friend, despite what you think or what you hear.  If you listen to a guy like Ted Nugent, God bless you.  You should be leaving the country with him because he said he was going to leave the country if the President got re-elected.   Now he’s going to go in arms against the United States.  Who the hell is he? He is nothing but a traitor. You guys don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.  Driving a car is a right not a privilege.  The same as a gun.  The gun Second Amendment says: citizens should have a gun within a well-regulated militia.  Also, the second amendment doesn’t state that you can attack this country if you’re not satisfied with what is going on.  It says citizens have no right to bear arms against the United States.  Period.  OK? Now  you’re saying something about President Obama’s daughters have guards, saying something about the police, about Vice President Biden belittling the heroes of 9/11.  You tell me exactly what he said and how he said it and when he said it.  The same way, ridiculing the police.  He never said that.  By the way,. the police are in favor of all the laws that the President wants to have a bill on.  The police are against what LaPierre is for and what you guys are for.  These are the police that you cherish so much.  Listen to them for a change.  They don’t want to be outgunned by automatic weapons.  Grow up.  Nobody is going to take your guns, you little baby.

To the 50 year old with the disclaimer:  Here is the difference between today’s 50 yr. olds and the geriatric/uneducated whiners who call the PulseLine.  If we chose to write to the PulseLine that you so arrogantly suggest we do, we would not BOTHER a librarian to help us send an e-mail,  we would write the entry and drop it off at The Westfield News. (Please don’t.) And, speaking of the census; why don’t you do your research,  and find out the average age  of the subscribers to The Westfield News. I bet they’re not 50!!!!  They are people who used to walk to the neighborhood store and buy the paper,  because they knew the owner and wanted to support his business.  Or, digest this: maybe they wanted to have a conversation with someone face to face, which doesn’t happen today, because the younger generation does not know how to communicate.  And oh that’s right, they can’t make change either.  Don’t pick on the OLD GEAZER’S, because you will never make it to become one. And as a feeder of the birds and squirrels, I was also wondering where the blue jays had gone and they just re-appeared yesterday!!  Enjoy.

Hi! It’s 11 o’clock on Friday morning and I just wanted to report to that person who was looking for blue jays that I just saw one in the backyard.  Maybe since Christmas we’ve had one or two, but in the summer we had at least three, and I know that’s down from what used to be when I was a child in the 50s but I thought that some of the blue jays had gotten that West Nile virus that the larger birds like the crows were being susceptible to.  But at least there’s one and I live off the Mill Street area, so that’s where I’ve seen my one.  Thank you very much.  Bye.


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