PulseLine, June 19, 2012

I am wondering as a hardworking parent and taxpayer in this city why when we are spending all this money on beautifying downtown and the surrounding off roads of downtown that other areas are being left behind to lay in ruin and disrepair. I speak namely of the playscape and Spray Park located behind Westfield Voke that was renovated only a couple of years back that now is left under the supervision of high school kids during the summer. The spray pad is a disgrace, what was once bright and cheery is now half missing of its paint and the rest is slowly wearing off and half of the fixtures that spray water for the children to enjoy are either broken or not functioning at all. The playscape on the other hand has become a haven for teenagers and other who are certainly not of the age to be there playing and it is covered in graffiti which contains obscene and crude drawings and sayings certainly not suitable for the younger children WHO SHOULD BE THE ONES playing there. Also, the basketball courts there constantly echo with shouts of obscenities and profanity from the older men who play there and it is certainly not a place that I enjoy anymore taking my daughter when once we used to frequent it almost every day especially during the summer when the water was on…just seems such a waste of a beautiful space to be left worn down and overrun by those who it was not meant to be for in the first place…

Councilor Flaherty, this is Kevin Medeiros. I don’t disagree with you about the potholes and in most cases I kind of agree with your actions. But I have to tell you, the potholes I can deal with. Uneducated kids that become potheads, I can’t deal with that. You have a little sympathy with our school budget. Our kids need to be educated. Thank you.

Southwick: The Westfield News just ran a story on Whalley Park and how John Whalley, the owner of the park and a member of one of the boards in town, is working to turn the park over to the Town of Southwick for us to spend more money on out of our taxes to finish. I think the park is a great idea and Mr. Whalley should finish it like he promised he would. My concern is the Southwick Rec. Center that is a youth organization in town that has no connection with the Town of Southwick’s government. This is a private entity that charges each child an enormous amount of money to play recreational sports. They are making a considerable amount of money off of our kids. The grounds of the Southwick Rec. Center was purchased years ago, I know it’s paid for. The Rec. Center building was built years ago and is also paid for. Just about everyone who goes there donates his or her time. So where’s all the money going that they collect from our kids to play ball? If they want to use Whalley Park they should be charged a considerable amount of money or cut back on the money they are charging our kids. Thank you.

Recently I read in the paper where 20 of our teacher’s have no contract and others are going to be laid-off because we are short in our school budget. I am a Westfield resident and want to know why we don’t take the $40,000 dollars we let the mayor have and put that in the school budget where it is needed to provide for the future of our children? Thank you.

Hi, Pulse Line readers. I don’t know who to contact for this information so I’m leaving it up to the reader’s of The Westfield News and maybe they can help me. I’d like to know where I could find out information about the chicken law in Westfield. Thank you. Please contact the City of Westfield Board of Health.

Good morning and what a beautiful morning it is! This is the person who is hard of hearing and was looking for a loud alarm clock. Well, I went to Wal-Mart and the first thing I’d like to say is thank you to Barry who works in electronics and who went on-line looking for a Sony Smartphone and more for me. He stayed with me for 15 to 20 minutes trying his best to find one but couldn’t. So thanks again, Barry. Secondly, I found one and if anyone needs one go to Radio Shack. They have their own brand and right on the box it says “extra loud.” They tried it out for me in the store and it was perfect. When I tried it at home, I couldn’t have asked for a better phone and it’s not an expensive phone. So if anyone needs one go to Radio Shack. Thank you and have a beautiful day.

Hi. “Groundhog Day” was a wonderful movie but does it necessarily have to extend to the newspaper. On Friday morning I was looking for the second section of Thursday’s paper for the tag sales but I couldn’t find it and then I noticed that Thursday’s paper was dated Monday, June 11, on page 9. The rest of the pages were Thursday, June 14, the way they should have been. Then on Friday, page 9 was Monday, June 11, and on Saturday it was Monday, June 11. Just wondering if I’m the only person who noticed this? Thanks. Bye. Great eyes! This was unfortunately a human error.

The police in this city are idiots. On Saturday night there was a group of kids skateboarding in front of the food bank building blocking the way and using foul language. I called the police station and they told me they had no one available, for me to handle it and wanted to know why I called 911 for that? The 911 number should be used for emergencies only. Since your matter was not an emergency you should have called 568-6285.


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