PulseLine, June 20, 2012

Boy, I must say the parks in Westfield look fantastic. The old crabby people should stop complaining and look at the positive side. It might have taken five years but well worth the results. I even love the clock!

Hi. I have aches and pains that I take non-prescriptions pills for. And because of this I have to use the restroom which means I have to buy toilet paper. These items are both sales tax items but you can buy booze in Massachusetts and pay no sales tax. Is this right?  I don’t think so. I think the governor and the politicians down in Boston should do the right thing and take away the sales tax on necessities and tax the booze. Will it ever happen? Of course not; this is Taxachusetts.

I’m a Holyoke Road resident and would like to know why the mayor allows these big heavy trucks to run 24 hours a day. Obviously they’re going to Lane Construction and to the Turnpike but how can they do this all night long with families around here? Don’t they know people sleep? This is just very annoying and it happens here all the time. Thank you.

Madame Superintendent is complaining that the city isn’t giving her enough money for the school department. Well, maybe if she didn’t send dozens of empty buses to the high school twice a year for exam week which do nothing but turn around and come back through town and traffic, she would have enough money left over to buys some pencils and paper for the kids.

I want to warn anyone who uses the North Middle School athletic grounds that there is an individual who’s been using it for the last nine months with a black German Shepard which has been attacking and harassing other dogs. He has attack six other dogs in the last nine months. So if you see them, or you or your dog has been harassed, please call the Westfield Police Department at 562-5411 ext. 7. Thank you. Bye.

I was very happy to see the new Southwick selectwoman being sworn in – she’ll do a great job. Now all we have to do is get rid of the other two because all they’re doing are the same things the one we just threw out was doing. Remember, we need new selectmen appointed besides the one we have.

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