PulseLine, June 22, 2012

I am not happy with the new registration process at Noble Hospital. I make three to four visits per month to our local hospital for various procedures. Normally I park in the front patient lot, enter the main lobby, go through registration, and walk directly down the hall to the lab. This week, the nice lady at the desk informed me that all lab and x-ray patients must now register in the Surgical Center. She explained that I had two options. I could walk from the lobby area to the opposite side of the hospital (by emergency) which, by the way, is a very long walk or I could walk back to my car and drive to the new location. I decided that it would be easier and faster to drive. I arrived at the new location and the parking lot (which only has 10 spaces) was full. I had no other choice but to drive back to the original lot. By this time, the first lot was full so I had to park in the second overflow section. Once again I am in the main lobby. I asked for walking directions to the Surgical Center. I was told to turn right at the elevators, take the first left, walk down the hall by the vending machines, turn left then right, then the next left, and right again. Walk down that hall and pass the urgent care desk, turn left, then right, and the registration desk is straight ahead. Note to self and others: After my 5 minute lab work is complete, I have to do all of this in reverse. Do you get the picture and understand my frustration? I was told by an administration employee that this procedure was put into place to be more efficient. My lab work usually takes 15 minutes but that day it took one hour! How is this more efficient? Lucky for me I was able to walk the distance but an elderly patient could not make this hike. I have a question for management: Before implementing a new procedure, do you test it first? I certainly cannot be the only person who is unhappy with this process. When something is not broke – don’t fix it!

This is to the coaches for the Westfield All Stars teams: I would like to see the stats that are used in determining who makes the teams. Oh, sorry, I forgot you don’t use stats. Thank you.

This is in response to the person who called in regarding the black German Shepherd attacking and harassing dogs at the athletic field. In my opinion, no dog should be allowed out on athletic fields peeing and pooping where children are playing. I think it’s very rude of people to do that.

What ever happened to the old swimming holes? I remember years ago when we were kids we used to swim all around the Westfield River. But, if I remember correctly, something changed. People started leaving diapers and trash and the town was concerned that river would be polluted so they started kicking the kids out of the popular swimming spots. Now instead of going down to the river to swim, all the kids are just hanging around doing drugs. How about if we change these new laws and let things be the way they used to be?

Recently there was an article about the spray park being in bad condition, just like the pool that was on Smith Avenue. This doesn’t surprise me. The key word is “maintenance.” Unless you maintain something it will go down hill. The Camp Shepard pool, where I learned how to swim in the 1950’s, is still there because the YMCA spent the time and money to maintain and upgrade it. All the projects that the city and state politicians create, they take all the credit then walk away, leaving them to go down hill. In a short time the spray park will probably be totally dysfunctional and these poor kids will have no where to go in this heat. Thank you.

Help! Does anyone know how to reduce telemarketing calls? The do-not-call phone call I made does not work. I receive calls sometimes three times a day, every day, and this has been going on for months with the same call coming twice a day. Messages are left on my answering service if I don’t answer. Here are some of the callers: Political survey groups and independent survey groups, a family protection group, home security groups, selected for free trips and cruises, credit cards, FBI reports, the “Don’t Hang Up, This is Not a Sales” call, current credit card holder services and account services that go on to say, “Press 1,” “Press 2,” and then “Press 3.” If you can help in any way, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

This message is for Cynthia Hartdegen, the arborist. Could she please identify the tree at the intersection of Broad Street and East Silver Street? I’d appreciate it.  It’s a strange looking tree. Thank you.  Ms. Hartdegen responds: It is a gingko, the biggest in town, unfortunately damaged by the Halloween storm.  They have an unusual branching pattern, and are the oldest extant species known.   Unlike maples, for example, which have many varieties, there is only one kind of gingko.  

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