PulseLine, June 8, 2013

PulseLine, While so many are so often negative regarding public employees I would like to say something positive. I live at 60 Arnold St. As noticed there is a lot of roadwork being done. Tuesday was trash day, and there was hardly any way in or out. But the DPW, while delayed, managed to get in to pick up our trash… So, thank you guys for the extra effort. And, to the officer who has traffic duty thank you, too, for enabling me to get my car out of and back into my driveway. Brian Hoose

Plz plz plz… enough with the “songs my iPod can’t be without” column. It is so lame I cannot believe you are still printing it. 34 weeks and counting….what a waste of ink. Why not use the room for more sports coverage? Instead of the iPod column and the full-page NASCAR column every week, perhaps more local sports coverage? Thanks and please ask other Westfield News readers if they actually like the iPod column…. it needs to go!

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