PulseLine, May 13, 2014

Just wondering why the city council meeting was not replayed on Thursday. Thanks.

Maybe Frank Mills went to a little extremes but he’s right. We need a little fresh air cleaning from the mayor’s office right on down. And as far as the Domus lady, what’s her name, Ann Lentini, she seems to get whatever she wants whenever she asks for it. I called her office and left a suggestion that they put bunk beds in that new project down at the old Red Cross building. I never received a return call. Think about it. They could double the occupancy. Those kids would appreciate a bed better than just bouncing around. Thank you.

Yes, good afternoon Westfield and Happy Mother’s Day to all those mothers out there! All mothers deserve a Happy Mother’s Day. And also I would like to comment on the Westfield center park, the Green, as you say it, the Green. Well, the DPW needs to do some work around here because all the fountains for the water fountain are leaking. And also, the middle fountain on Mother’s Day is not even going but the water is flowing from the pipes on to the ground. It is coming from the ground. You have a leak. So I suggest DPW come out here and start fixing things. All this money we soaked into the Green, all those beautiful trees you took from the Green. It is not a Green no more. It is a cement park and that is a shame because when I’m 80-years-old or those elderly are not going to see shade. And I think putting a half a million dollars into this park and everything is leaking and dribbling, I think you should fix it, OK? And have a good night Westfield! Bye-bye. Did you contact the DPW and make them aware of the issue? That would be more effective than letting the PulseLine know.

Hi Pulseline, During the 1980s I took my children fishing in The Westfield River for trout. We had many fun fishing days not only catching fish but also enjoying the wildlife. We were happy bringing home one good fish each for our supper. This week the Westfield River was stocked with beautiful rainbow and brown trout and the fish hogs via their cellphones descended on the fish like a flock of vultures! Fishermen are supposed to only take four trout a day from a major river and this limit was grossly exceeded! I have been told that there is a $25 fine on each fish over the limit! If you are fishing and see the fish hogs at play please call an Environmental police officer on you cellphone. Did you contact the Department of Fish and Wildlife to make them aware of the issue? That would be more effective than letting the PulseLine know.

I would like to wish the Admn Assistant in the retirement office at City Hall a very healthy and happy retirement. Thank you for helping my family from my folks, me & husband and now are children who are retired. Your dedicaion to publice service is greatly appreciated.

Good Morning Pulseline! I have always enjoyed seeing the lovely urns filled with flowers in the downtown but today I appreciate them even more. I was driving around western mass over the weekend running errands and noticed other communities with similar large urns. However, these urns were empty and some broken beyond repair. It makes one think that no one cares or no one is “home”. Thank you Westfield for caring enough to take care of the details and making a welcoming “front door” for visitors and residents alike!

Good Morning Pulseline! I had the good fortune yesterday to meet the owner of a downtown hair salon. She told a story about a new client that she spent six hours working on because of the condition of her hair. When she was finished the client cried tears of joy because she could not believe it was her hair. The salon owner told us this is why she has enjoyed her job for 30 years, it’s about the people! That’s what keeps her going, that, in her small corner of the world, she can bring happiness to someone doing what she does best and enjoys. I am so happy to have met this business owner and to know she is part of Westfield. I hope by sharing this story that it makes your day too!

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