PulseLine, May 23, 2013

Hello all Bingo Players! I just recently discovered that we still have one Bingo up and running here in Westfield. Many years ago, Westfield had a Bingo every night of the week. but I thought they all closed. Recently I spent a fun night at St. Peter/St. Casimir Bingo… and was pleased to enjoy a well run, pleasant Bingo where everyone is nice to you, and you can spend a fun night without going broke. Try it… Monday nights, with play starting at 6:45, located at 34 State Street, right off Route 20 in Westfield.

I was just wondering: who is maintaining the lights, all the new lights that were put in? Because I drive by, and there’s a lot of bulbs or lamps out, and I was just wondering: is the contractor responsible for that, or is the city of Westfield or are taxpayers? Cuz I tell you what: them lights haven’t been put in that long ago and there’s a lot of them that are burnt out. Will Mr. Sullivan or somebody else please take care of that? Thank you.

Hi. Once again, another sad tragedy involving traffic and bicyclists. My heart goes out to the family of the little boy that was killed yesterday. It’s summertime and people should be more aware when they’re coming off of side streets or coming out of driveways to watch out for all bikes, no matter what their age and pedestrians. I had the same experience yesterday afternoon, too, which could easily have turned into something like that, so I just felt it was something that everybody should be aware of. Thank you.

Attention: can anybody tell me where a good place to go for dancing is? We’re in our 60s and our very active age was rock n’roll and that’s what we’re looking for in the greater Westfield area that are safe, of course. I’ll be watching this very fine column called the PulseLine Thank you.

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