PulseLine: Night Time Truck Exclusion

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Hello Pulseline and all it’s faithful readers. Just want to take a moment of your time to voice a few concerns over the new NightTime Truck Exclusion on Paper Mill Road. I’m a resident impacted by the exclusion and I’m just concerned how I’m going to drive my own personal vehicle, A Ford F250, down the road while the exclusion is in place. My vehicle weighs over 2.5 Tons. Am I not allowed to drive on my own street at night? There are a few residents of the area with larger suv’s that fall into the same category. For what it’s worth I’d like to express sympathy to the Holyoke Road residents. While this exclusion is great for my neighborhood, it’s totally unfair to theirs. We used to share the truck noise and now they get double, and they don’t deserve it. So much for being neighborly. I think the exclusion should be removed and instead the focus be put back on fixing the underpass at the intersection of Route 20 and East Mountain Road. Thank you.

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