PulseLine, November 20, 2012

Regarding proposed work on Western Avenue: The issue of motorists exiting Lloyds Hill Rd turning right onto Western Ave and then immediately stopping (100 feet or so) to turn left onto Broadway and causing all westbound traffic to come to a halt needs to be addressed. It appears that motorists are using this as a shortcut to get to Granville Rd.

I was reading where the paper will cost .75 cents versus .50 cents, this is a fifty percent increase. We can afford the new cost, but we are considering canceling just on a basis of principal. I’m sure that most of your readers are senior citizens and most are on a fixed income, and many may not be able or may just say it’s not worth the increase. In my neighborhood there are not many who receive the paper. You stated that you can go online and the price of the paper would be fifty cents.  I would almost guarantee that the older readers myself included would not do this. The quality of the paper has not changed that much where it would justify a 50 percent increase. Yes, costs have gone up but it may be wiser to implement a lower price increase. One of the selling points of the paper was the PulseLine, and it has been reduced in scope, but it also has been sterilized to the point that it is not as intriguing as the older version, just my take on the subject. I’m a retired financial analyst and when a company raises its prices by fifty percent they either had to back off or go out of business. I hope you have done your home work or the Westfield News paper will be a thing of the past. If you need to raise the price how about a 25 percent increase? The way to increase profits is to increase VOLUME, increasing price always leads to a VOLUME DECREASE, that in most cases offsets the price increase estimated benefits.

Hey Southwick! Where the heck’s the water bills? What are you going to do, wait until Christmas to send them out? Maybe we need a new tax collector. She hasn’t been handling the job since she’s been in there.

I was just wondering if it was only me or is it other people the residents of Westfield, but I don’t think the new bridge alleviates any of the traffic congestion coming down from the turnpike or coming through the town of Westfield. Imagine that! All that money wasted! Four lanes of traffic still going to one.

I live in the Cross Street/Ashley Street area and every night, into the wee hours of the morning, there’s this pulsating, reverberating, humming sound that goes way into the morning hours. I’m wondering if anyone knows what this is and if anyone else hears it. Could you comment in the PulseLine? Thank you.

I think the city of Westfield should start charging the people a fine for not using their recyclable bins. I don’t think it’s right that we would have to have new barrels, and all that baloney. I think, just give them a fine and they’ll straighten out. Then they’ll start using the receptacles and everything will be fine. Thank you.

I was down at one of the local grocery stores this morning. I see they still have the self-checkout lines and people are using them. Both the store owners and managers should be ashamed of themselves and the people using the self-checkout should be ashamed of themselves. This is doing nothing to help the economy. If these people find themselves in the unemployment line, they’ve got nobody to blame but themselves. Thank you.

I’m calling about the PulseLine article that appeared in Saturday’s paper. I just want to tell the residents of Western Avenue, if the university wants the street widened and the mayor wants the street widened I can guarantee you that it’ll get widened. The mayor probably didn’t attend the meetings because he probably already knows that everything is going to get passed. As a resident of Cross Street, I can assure you, maybe you should think about hiring some attorneys, because, as I said, if the mayor wants it, and the university wants it, the people on Western Avenue are pretty much screwed. Thank you. Have a good day. The Mayor was attending the Greater Westfield Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting/dinner that night. He explains that this is the very beginning stage of design, the first 10-15 percent.  The original design work started in 1998.  It will be a long design period and many ideas have been proposed to date.  There will be many more meetings to come before we reach the bidding point. 

Good morning. I was calling about the pavilion project that’s going to be located in our new Park Square area. I notice when I drive by I can see the four corners of the proposed building. The locking nuts and bolts are already in place. And if everything goes right, I’m sure they’ve already installed the electrical underground to the area. And if there was going to be heat included in there, I’m sure the heating aspect, possibly gas, should be included in the underground facilities. I noticed that this building was originally $500,00 and was rejected and then was $350,000 and was rejected and now it looks like the city of Westfield’s trade school is going to come up with free labor. I know there is a lot of talk about the materials that are going to be located there – the structural steel and glass. Now the article in your newspaper gives the impression that this is going to be extremely expensive with the architectural fees extremely expensive. You know what? Are they sending us for a quarter of a million dollar house that looks like it’s probably a 20×20 building or a 25×25 building with four walls and a roof? Are we looking at a quarter of a million dollars? I’d like to know because I think we are being set up for at least that. Will it call for that amount? Time will tell. Have a pleasant day.

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