PulseLine, November 24, 2012

How come the PulseLine just takes any comment from anybody? They never check the facts or anything.

Mr. Mayor: the residents of Ward 2 pay their taxes yet we have no representation in the council. Taxation without representation has always caused a problem.

This is to the people who drive too fast on Franklin Street. Of course other areas, too. But who do not respect the crosswalks, especially on Franklin Street. And people have almost gotten hit and got cut off and they don’t stop for the pedestrians when they’re trying to cross. They go right on through. And that’s not right. They need to wise up, you know, and follow the rules of the road, or maybe they don’t need to have their license anymore. And on top of that people need to start using trashcans instead of the ground. Property owners should start having somebody pick up their property, too. Between the gas station, the dollar store and straight down through… you know some them areas need to get picked up, too. And other areas I’m sure, too. But, you know, especially that. And kids going in the bank and other places and taking trash, withdrawal slips and throwing them all over the place. You know, that’s not right either. Thinking they’re real funny, you know. You know something needs to be done to keep an eye on that. Maybe if cops and people start putting fines on them and having them pay money and getting caught… or community service can help picking up, too. Maybe then they’ll start stopping it and do a lot better at it. That’s all.

This message is to the mayor and Westfield city council: I’ve been reading a lot in the paper lately about your intentions for Western Avenue and I do realize that Western Avenue has drainage issues and their has been a talk about redoing Western Avenue for a number of years. But the quickest solution at this point is why don’t you just take every house from Pine Hill Cemetery to the college, both sides of the road, by eminent domain and just give it to the college and let them have it for housing. That way there, you’re not screwing up everybody’s lives by turning a neighborhood roadway into a superhighway. You are giving away this city one neighborhood at a time anyhow. You’ve given away the downtown area, you’re giving away Western Avenue, you’re wrecking everything that the city of Westfield had that was nice and valued. So, if the college means that much to you, then I think you just need to take the whole Western Avenue section, neighborhoods and all, and take it by eminent domain and just section off that whole quadrant of the city to the college. That’s what you want anyhow. You want Westfield to be a college town, so that way there your wish will be fulfilled and anybody else, the rest of the part of the city, will be assured that you’ll not screw up their lives with the same kind of poor decisions that you’re making now on Western Avenue Thank you.

This is in response to the person who called in the other day about the humming noise being heard in the Cross Street area…it is from the Cross Street NIMBY’s..it is the dull murmuring chant of the NIMBY’s sacrificing our children’s future lives by completely destroying the educational system of Westfield. Nuff said? Thought so….

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