PulseLine, October 12, 2012

What is going on with the Pochassic Street Bridge? Are they ever going to fix it?? We keep getting told “next month” and then that comes and goes…It’s been years – enough is enough. It’s a waste of gas and time to travel down Notre Dame every time we need to go to work or run an errand…. Does anyone have any information on the “REAL” start date????? I bet if the mayor lived up here it would have been done by now….. I think we’ve been patient enough!!!!! The Westfield News reached out to the Mass. Dept. of Transportation, who is in charge of that bridge project, and we were told that construction should be starting at any time. When we explained that it was reported to start on several dates this year, the most recent being September, the woman we spoke with could not provide an explanation to the delays but indicated that it should be starting soon.

I thought they weren’t to supposed to pave in the rain. At least that was somewhat of the response to a post last week when they inquired why Elm St was not paved yet. Well it’s raining today and they are out there paving. That was an interesting sight to us at The Westfield News, too.

Well, let’s see, do I want to vote for a pretty boy, screw the middle and lower classes and give tax breaks to the rich incumbent or vote for the Harvard professor challenger that’s for dropping tax breaks for the rich and making them pay their fair share? Tough choice…  Yeah, I’ll be voting for the challenger!

I just wanted to make a comment to the person who called into the PulseLine about Annie Dookhan and her lying about her background when actually all he was trying to do was get in a dig at Elizabeth Warren regarding the huge some of monies being donated to her campaign. What the heck does a fake financed Senator Brown campaign entail? Handing in Coke bottles and cans? It’s ridiculous. Why don’t he just come out and make his comment about Elizabeth Warren and be honest about it instead of trying to sneak in his comment about Annie Dookhan. My God. Makes you think that Scott Brown’s campaign was financed by selling Girl Scout cookies. What a hypocrite.

The mayor of Westfield has a brother, who is a state representative, and is a friend of the mayor of Springfield who has connections in Boston. Could this be why Westfield has dropped out of the running for the casino bid even though if the casino came to Westfield it would mean thousands of jobs and millions of dollars for the community? Just a thought.

This is a big thank you to the two ladies who helped me with my seizure the other day. I want to thank them very much and it’s good to know there are still some good Samaritans out there. Thank you.

OMG! What a fall Westfield has been having! The festival downtown was great. Congrats to Harry Rock for being the winner of this year’s town crier contest! And the YMCA had a wonderful volunteer appreciation night as well as a healthy kid’s day at Stanley Park. Speaking of that, what a beautiful time of year to walk through the park! I can’t begin to list the other great events that happened this past month. Westfield is thriving! And by the way, if you need a good laugh this weekend, go to the Woman’s Club to see the theatre group’s latest effort, “Odd Couple” female version! Very funny! Hi to the leaf peepers–your season is here!
The Cheerleader

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