PulseLine, October 1, 2015

It was interesting that the article “Ponders Hollow Plan in Process ” appeared on the same day (9/28) as the Pulseline entry in the Westfield News. It is refreshing to read that “City officials will begin to conduct public hearings next spring to determine the future use of the Ponders Hollow property recently transferred to control of the city’s Park & Recreation Commission”. It seems like the “community-wide needs assessment for recreational facilities” referred to in the article should have been done prior to demolishing most of the Cross St. ball fields. I can’t imagine the cost for the “infrastructure improvements, sidewalks, parking, upgrading the roadway to make is accessible as possible” along with the costs for “a long legal process because the city will have to perform appraisals with the private land owners to secure that land” since the city needs “to take ownership of the 75 percent of the levee now under private ownership”. All this added cost because the Ashley street school was torn down and recreational property taken before a well thought out plan with community involvement was done. I shudder to think what the city budget will be next year and the impact on our taxes.

The time has come for the voters of Westfield to finally be heard! Mayor Dan will no longer be in control of his puppets(those who voted 100% for anything he proposed) and we all know who they are!! It is time to bring some fresh blood(and thinking) to hear what the taxpayers of Westfield really want. There are many new names on the ballot this year-stop and think about this-taxpayers who are sick and tired of having policies shoved down their throats and want to make a real contribution to helping this city forge ahead.Cross St School was possibly the worst event of Mayor Dan’s tenure(besides the 90K owed in legal fees for not knowing when to say he was wrong) It is time to bring the voice of the people back to City Hall,and help the oppressed taxpayers of this once great city have a voice in our government. Again,elections are coming up,so send a message to those who would follow blindly and give them weeknights off as we,the taxpayers, take back control of our city

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