PulseLine, October 10, 2012

This is in response to the 23-year-old that quit his/her job to get free benefits, because he found that working at a job was not for him. First of all, WOW, you are kidding, right?? FYI, the “rich people” are not the majority, they are the minority. The lower middle class is the majority, working paycheck to pay check. Guess what? I am a working mom who would be rather laying on the beach everyday than going to work, but I have a family to support. My husband and I have 3 jobs between us to take care of our family. So when we get paid, first taxes are taken out of OUR paychecks to help support YOU, then we get what’s left over to pay our mortgage and take care of our OWN children. So your clever scheme just makes our lives more difficult, not the “rich people”. We also donate our share to the local food pantry, giving the items that are requested. But if you want steak, you need to grow up, get a clue and GET A JOB!!

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