PulseLine, October 21, 2015

I have heard that Southwick High School students are quitting or refusing to play on the boys and girls varsity basketball teams. It has long been known that allot of girls have left the girls basketball program because they didn’t like playing for the coach .I heard this same coach was let go by the town of Granby for shaking a player years ago. Why would the Southwick athletic director hire a coach who had this on his record? Last year this same athletic director scheduled only 12 games against very weak div 3 & 4 teams for the Southwick JV girls when 20 would be the norm. On the boys side ,I have heard allot of players have also left the basketball program, because the new coaches are very hard on the boys. I have heard and seen that these coaches make Bobby Knight look tame. Practices conducted like Marine training camps. Watching the games last year ,I never saw or heard any praise or encouragement from the coach to the players, but I did see and hear allot of negative screaming at the players and officials. This coach was tossed from at least one game and had numerous technical’s called on him during the season by officials tired of him yelling at them. The students of Southwick Regional High deserve better and the school committee needs to look into this appalling situation. Hopefully before more kids quit the basketball program or have to play under such poor coaching. I strongly urge all parents who have had kids quit the basketball program because of the coaching, to send a letter to the Southwick School committee voicing their concern.

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