PulseLine, October 29, 2013

Here we go, the President of Westfield State College just wasting state money again by filing stupid lawsuits. Hey – you got caught with the hand in the cookie jar, you misused the MasterCard or the credit cards for the university for your own gain and benefit and then, when you got caught with it, you paid it back. Buddy, take your lumps. I hope they fire you and I hope they take your retirement from you because, being a Massachusetts state taxpayer, I do not want to pay for your retirement, you thief.

Checking Google, I find that Mr. Dobelle’s settlement with the University of Hawaii was valued at $3.43 million, over a million dollars in cash and over $6 million in paid up life insurance. Wow, and good night!

Thank you Westfield News and The Chamber of Commerce for the candidate forums. This year, there are many new candidates, so now the voters don’t have to settle but you have to go and vote

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