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I noticed a recent hard-right turn in the various cartoons published in the Westfield News (not the funnies, the “political” cartoons). And they are funny when there is a grain of truth in them. But lately, they are hard-right and based on right-wing conspiracy theories and Fox News talking/lying points, not on facts. I despise Donald Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress, but I know news is supposed to cover all sides, and it seemed like the cartoons were some left, some right, which is fair. I don’t expect the Westfield News to be MSNBC-like, but it also shouldn’t be Breitbart-like. Please go back to publishing cartoons that show both sides. Thanks. Thank you for reading and offering insight. We try to balance all of the items on our “Opinion” page from the varying political viewpoints. We will certainly keep a closer eye on it going forward.

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