PulseLine: Response to several Pulseline postings

In response to several Pulseline postings…
The first from May 4 in which the poster asked if either Senator Humason or Representative Velis plan to “vote for a bill that would become law that allows a man to go into a public restroom that my wife and teenage daughter are using.” [The Senate has since voted and Sen. Humason was one of only 4 Senators who opposed the legislation].

This question has no merit since the actual language of the law instead allows “transgender people to use bathrooms and locker rooms according to their gender identity.”

Please take a moment to Google, Michael Cade Hughes. Look at his picture. Michael is a biological female and a transgender (FTM) female to male. Now, ask yourself…do you really want Michael using a female restroom with your wife and teenage daughter?

Once again, conservatives have turned this issue into something it is not. They are using fear to discriminate. Before you know it, we will be asking people for their birth certificates in public restrooms. Or perhaps we should institute genital police in all public restrooms?

Those who oppose the legislation also offer (as today’s poster does) that perverts and pedophiles will gain entry to restrooms of the opposite sex (the correct term is gender). We already have laws on the books clearly stating punishment for pedophiles and child molesters. Stop trying to paint transgender people as such.

This is about equality and safety. Transgender people really only want to do the same thing you and I are are doing in public restrooms…urinate or defecate in peace without any concern for their safety.

By the way, the number of transgender people who have ever been arrested in public bathrooms for misconduct is zero (0). The number of U.S. Senators who have been arrested in public bathrooms for misconduct? Well, that number is much higher.

Who are you really afraid of?

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