PulseLine: Save St. Mary’s Signs & Potholes

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Good afternoon. Regarding the Save St. Mary’s efforts I think it is absolutely wonderful that we try and save that school. However, I heard something troubling that I’m hoping can be cleared up. The organizers, who are relying on Westfield people to rally behind them, went to non-Westfield businesses to get the lawn signs, banners and other items produced. That really deflates the idea of getting people from Westfield behind your cause. Hopefully what I heard was incorrect or, if it’s true, there is a very good explanation. We reached out to the Save St. Mary’s organizers and learned that none of the local print shops could accommodate the sign request on such short notice and at a reasonable price point which meant they had to expand their circle of potential vendors.

To all you complainers about potholes, when you leave Westfield you’ll see that other towns are just as bad, if not worse. It’s New England in Spring what would you expect. Slow down and it won’t be so bad.

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