PulseLine, September 25, 2014

Typical Westfield~~~~SIGH ~~~~ they had all summer to re-pave the area of West Silver Street near not one, but two schools !!!! Instead they worried about City View Road & Shaker Road back in August — Now that school is in full session they are doing the paving and grading by both Abner Gibbs and the Junior High– Had they done it BEFORE school began and done the City View Road and Shaker Road NOW— it would’ve been so much smarter…..but as I said—– Typical Westfield mentality~~~~SIGH~~~~Maybe they are doing it NOW to let the people know that they are truly working …….traffic is all jammed up…….Typical Westfield. Much of the city’s paving effort as it relates to scheduling is driven by the availability of the paving contractor. City View, Shaker and Springdale were all paid for with the state’s pot hole special allocation funding. Westfield received approximately $184,000 and the work was required to be done for all “pot hole” projects statewide between July 1 and September 30, 2014. Lane, our contractor, is hired by other communities and all of this work needed to be done as the first priority. Once the “pot hole” program ended for Lane, they then could resume servicing normal paving requests and for Westfield, our regular list of streets, is now being done. And, of course, all work needs to wrap up around Thanksgiving as the paving plants typically close then. A phone call to the Mayor’s office would have easily answered this PulseLine request….

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