PulseLine, September 8, 2012

This is to the Town of Southwick, the selectmen and businesses: Wouldn’t it be nice to have four days next year (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) called “Southwick Days.” We could put together the BBQ Cook-Off, the Firemen’s Carnival and Parade, the business in town could have tag sales out front, and then we can go to Prifti Park and have a Farmer’s Market for our local farms in town; which are some of the best around. The churches could join in, also. “Southwick Days” would bring everyone together. Think about it.

Could we please see a photo in The Westfield News of the bridge work being done on Drugstore Hill, if and when it ever happens? Thank you.  We will certainly keep the citizens informed of the construction progress.

Southwick: This is in regards to the PulseLine comment about the intersection of 10/202 and Depot Street. I think the lights are working fine and the traffic is flowing normally. If you’re life is in such turmoil that you can’t wait for an arrow to give you the right of way without having someone call to you from the other direction, I feel sorry for you. The town’s doing a great job with 10/202. It looks good and it’s a lot safer. Thank you.

I would like to thank the person who returned my baby Jesus that was stolen from my manger scene one Christmas. They returned it to my front lawn today and I am so very pleased that it was return because it was gone for so long and it was irreplaceable. Thank you.

Hi. I’m calling about the six cops blocking West Road. Well, I give those officers credit; they needed to be there. There was a distraught man with a shotgun who has been in the paper previously because of guns. I don’t know why he is still out and about around the children on West Road and his own children. Something should be done before this distraught man does something to his family. The Westfield Police Department was just doing their job. Thank you.

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