PulseLine: Upcoming political candidates

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Hello Pulseline, It looks like the new political season has started as of April 1st with want-to-be politicians taking papers out for Mayor, Municipal Light Board, City Council and School Committee. It is only right that the voter educate themselves about the candidates before voting on Election Day. I am writing this in hoping that the Westfield News will do the research on candidates and incumbents who are in office and who have decided to run.

First, we should know more about the positions including salary, benefits (health and retirement), term, how many meeting a year are required, general scope of duties and another other important information to help Westfield residents to make a decision on running themselves.

Second, the voters should know if current elected officials take a salary and health insurance from the City including any other City stipends or salaries they are receiving. We should also know how long they have been in office.

Third, if they are a candidate or incumbent, the voters should know if they are paying fees (water, sewer, trash, etc.) and real state and excise taxes on time and if there is a history or pattern of being late. That would include outstanding payments to date on all fees and taxes to the City.

Fourth, we should know if they have a criminal record, court history and any outstanding warrants, like a warrant of payment. We should get a verification from the City’s treasurer that all fees and taxes are paid, a CORI check should be completed and a statement of candidacy should be submitted the day the individual returns their papers to the City Clerk’s office and becomes a candidate for elected office.

The character of a candidate or incumbent should be weighed when voting for an individual. Voters need to know as much as possible to make an informed decision which is based off of facts and knowledge not rumor.

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